Murrays Bay Childcare Centre

23 Seaton Road, Murrays Bay, Auckland

Open 7.30am to 5:30pm
6.5 hour sessions available

“I’ve been so impressed with Murrays Bay Childcare Centre.  From the moment we first walked in we were surrounded by a sense of calm, homeliness and warmth.  The teachers are such an incredible group of strong and compassionate people who help the children navigate their feelings and relationships with confidence and clarity.  I can’t thank you enough for all the care you have taken of my little one over the last few years, through your guidance he has been able to live and uphold good values throughout his time away from home.  He feels safe and confident in the beautiful environment you’ve created and that is HUGE for us.  So thank you again and please keep doing what you are doing for the kids of our wonderful community!”

Tessa, Adam, Sebastian and Faye

“I watched Kate replicate a Vincent van Gogh artwork the other day and thought – how incredible that you expose our children to such wonderful things at such an early age when so many opt for such basic ‘childlike’ art.  Variation of play happens every day and I love how you let the children lead it.  Most importantly, a year and a half ago I brought in a child that was painfully shy, introverted, an independent player who didn’t laugh much and didn’t need or want others.  Today, I came early and picked up a child who was happily playing and engaged with 5 other children with a wonderfully huge smile on her face and had to hug each child before we left.  The best bit was when one went to the ‘waving window’ as we left – she loves and is loved.  Our daughter has come so far and I whole heartedly believe this environment plays a part in this.

Brie, Simon, Scarlett and Florence

“Joining MBCC has been one of those wonderful times as new parents where everything clicks and just works.  The teachers are very friendly, positive and caring.  The centre has a vast collection of resources accumulated over many years and has a great location in the heart of beautiful Murrays Bay.  We love sending our daughter to MBCC and are very grateful to be a part of the MBCC community.”

Chee, Rita and Amy

“It is said it takes a village to raise a child. You are our village!!! We appreciate each and everyone of you and all you have done and contributed to our family. We will always be grateful.”

Dale, Fiona, Allee and Hayley

“It takes a village to help raise a family and we have been blessed in so many ways to have both Lonnae and Cooper attend MBCC over the last 6 years. Each and every teacher has become an extension of our family and we will be forever grateful. Thank you doesn’t even touch the surface for how we feel towards you all for all the guidance, support and love that our family has felt being part of this centre.”

Deirdre, Sean, Lonnae and Cooper

“To the very special team at Murrays Bay Childcare Centre, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing an amazing place of learning for our Miss Indi. It has been so lovely to watch her grow and develop and you have all played such a huge part in this. We will be forever grateful for the love and support you have given to our girl. Thank goodness it’s not goodbye just yet with Maddy still attending. Thank you for for providing an incredible transition to school programme – Indi is so ready for school and extremely well prepared.”

The Aspdens

“Our daughter Alessia has just graduated, and we couldn’t be happier with the choice we’d made to send her to MBCC. I’d actually asked someone (working in the industry and familiar with lots of centres) if they could recommend somewhere for us, and they had great things to say about MBCC. It was a fantastic recommendation. Alessia loved her time there, and they looked after her brilliantly.”

Paul and Lena

Koru Heart

“We just LOVE Murrays Bay Childcare Centre.  We genuinely feel lucky that our little girl gets to come and spend time with such awesome people (staff and children!) in such a beautiful, inspiring environment.  Our girl feels known, heard and held.  She learns heaps and has the best time doing so.  Thank you really, genuinely isn’t enough”.

A true ¼ acre section and a small group size means children grow and learn in an environment that we feel blessed to offer – where children can be children – using their bodies and minds in an environment that encourages wonder and exploration and the learning that happens is exceptional.

  • Established 1981 and family owned and operated
  • Licensed for 40 children 2-6 years
  • Excellent ratios of staff to children
  • Open 7.30am-5.30pm. 6.5 hour sessions available.

Koru Heart

Children and their whanau are at the heart of everything we do. The very essence of Murrays Bay Childcare Centre is warmth, peace and F.U.N (family, unity and nurturing). This builds a sense of belonging and the foundation for the development of mana and wellbeing.

Koru Heart

Our Teaching team is one of our most important assets. Our close working relationship is based on respect for each other and the recognition of our unique qualities. Our enthusiastic, friendly team are creative and innovative in their approach to children’s learning.

Koru Heart

Nestled in the heart of our community, conveniently located to parks, Murrays Bay beach and local schools such as Murrays Bay, Mairangi Bay, St Johns, and Browns Bay Schools.

23 Seaton Road Murrays Bay – just off of Westbourne Terrace and Lyons Ave.

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Get in touch easily by texting/ringing on 0210595862.  Or fill out our super-quick enquiries form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Spaces for 2021 are already filling up quickly so please let us know soonest if you need a spot so that we can make sure you’re booked in.